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Frequently asked questions

Am I getting genuine HPE support with Networks 2000?

Yes. Networks 2000 only sells genuine HPE Support Services.

Will I be getting genuine HPE replacement parts?

Yes. All replacement parts provided or installed are genuine HPE parts sent directly from HPE parts depots.

What is Defective Media Retention (DMR) and why do I need it?

Defective Media Retention (DMR) allows you to keep and dispose of failed hard drives when they fail. If you have any sensitive information on your drives, we highly recommend this option as the yearly cost is just fractions of what a new drive would cost!

You’re based out of San Diego, how can you come onsite to fix my server?

Networks 2000 has established relationships with HPE Certified Engineers and Technicians all across the country. We only dispatch HPE Certified Technicians and Engineers to replace parts.

All of my servers have different expiration dates, can you organize that for me?

Yes! Our expert support specialists can work to organize your server and storage devices and co-term them onto one contract, saving you the time and the hassle of managing different expiration dates throughout the year.

I already have base warranty, why do I need extra support?

With a Base Warranty your server could be down for several days before an engineer takes a look at it. For example; if your server goes down after 5pm on a Friday then it would be the following Tuesday (at the earliest) that a technician would be onsite to troubleshoot if your issue cannot be resolved remotely. If you had 24/7 service your server can be up that same night or Saturday.