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& FAQs

  • Am I getting an authentic HPE warranty with Networks 2000?
    Yes, Networks 2000 only sells authentic HPEwarranties.
  • Will I be getting authentic HPE replacement parts?
    Yes, we order replacement parts directly from HPE to ensure that you are only putting in genuine HPE certified parts.
  • What is Defective Media Retention (DMR) and why do I need it?
    Defective Media Retention (DMR) allows you to keep and dispose of failed drives and memory when they fail on you. If you have any sensitive information on your drives, we highly recommend this option as the yearly cost is just fractions of what a new drive would cost!
  • You’re based out of San Diego, how can you come onsite to fix my server?"
    Networks 2000 has established relationships with HPE Certified Engineers and Technicians all across the country. We only dispatch HPE Certified Technicians and Engineers to replace parts.
  • All my servers have different expiration dates; can you organize that for me?
    Yes, we can get all of your services onto the same expiration dates to help keep your environment organized and under warranty.
  • If additional HPE hard drives are added to my kit, will they be supported by a warranty? "
    Yes, you must add only certified HPE drives to your kit and then they will be covered under the warranty as well.
  • I already have base warranty; why do I need extra support?
    With a Base Warranty your server couple be down for several days before an engineer takes a look at it. For example; if your server goes down after 5pm on a Friday then it would be the following Tuesday (at the earliest) that a technician would be onsite to troubleshoot. If you had 24/7 service your server can be up that same night or Saturday.
  • Who do I call when I need to log a support call? What if I need after hours’ support?
    Networks 2000 will handle your support calls, if it’s something simple like a HDD just call in with your serial number and the part number and Networks 2000 can get you off the phone in minutes. If your production server goes down in the middle of the night and you have 24/7 coverage, call Networks 2000 24-hour hotline to speak with a representative.
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